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ISSN: 2581-3560

RJSCES - Volume 3 (Issue3) 2018

IOTs Based Stepper Motor Control using ARDUINO

Author: M. Venkatesan

Category: Engineering


In this modern era, electric motors are widely used in many fields of engineering and also every part of our daily life. Specific types of electric motors are designed to meet particular applications. In this paper,step size of thestepper motor control using Arduinoprocessor through Internet is presented.  The main objective of this paper is to design and control the stepper motor from remote places using Smart mobile phone. Blynk webpage application has been developed for the internet of Things (IoTs) and it is able to control the step size of the stepper motor from remotely.  The proposed stepper motor control using IoTs is validated through real time implementation using Ardunio board and webpage is maintained with the help of web content management.